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  • Can we purchase on the farm?
    Yes! We have always had the opportunity for our customers to come to shop on the farm Monday-Saturday. Historically, we have sold directly out of our greenhouse but now we are excited to have opened our brand new barn style boutique market next door! It boasts a bright ecelctic atmosphere, our brand new commercial kitchen and event space! Come check it out we would love to see you! Current Hours (Winter) Monday-Friday 9am -5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Sunday Closed
  • Where can we find your products?
    We direct sell at 2 different places: - The Downtown Farmers Market Lloydminster (5002 - 51 Avenue) - Our boutique Farm Market on site (North on hwy 17, East for 6 miles on Township road 504) You can Also: - Subscribe to our Farm Fresh Food Bags (Seasonal) and pick up at Home Hardware Lloydminster !
  • What local restaurants use your stuff?
    We are so grateful for our local partnerships! Here is a list of places that use LSF produce, meats, eggs, and other products! - Home hardware Lloydminster's Timber Cafe Special Events: - Lloydminster Golf and Curling Centre *** We also have our own events on the farm catered by Chef Nancy of Delish Eats and Treats !
  • Who caters your events?
    We have teamed up with Chef Nancy of Delish Eats & Treats - a sensational local chef to cater all of our events on the farm! She also teaches our Countryside Cooking Class Series - check out our Events Page to see what you can book today!
  • Tell us about the Livestock you raise. Are they free range/free run? What do you feed them? What are the breeds?
    We believe in ethically raising our animals. All of our herds are Free Range and Free Run (laying hens). They are grazing/pasture raised animals (grass fed) and fed our own homegrown feed over the winter months (our oats, green feed, wheat and silage). All our birds and pigs are also fed the leftover greens and other vegetables from our year round all natural greenhouse- they love it! A bit about the animals we raise: Beef - we have a 80+ herd of pure bred Black Angus beef. We also have 6 Dexter cows on our home quarter that we have progressively been phasing out to be strictly a Black Angus herd. Why Black Angus? Black angus is known for beng finely marbled meat meaning that fat is evenly dispersed against the meat, making it tender and juicy with uncomparable flavour. We often get the question of whether our beef is corn fed, the answer no. Our cattle are grass fed only in the summer months as we put them out on our rotational pastures off the home quarter, and fed our own green feed bales,silage, and second cut alfalfa in the winter months. We sell beef cuts both on the farm and at the farmers market year round. Sheep - Sheep and goats are our newest venture on the farm. We will never go back! We raise suffolk/cheviot and dorper/cheviot cross on our home quarter where we rotate their pastures around the farm. They are the best lawn mowers you will ever have. We lamb in early spring and our mom and babes live with our donkey Seamus for protection until they are weaned! We have lamb cuts available in our farm store and the downtown farmers market year round. The option to purchase a whole animal occurs in the fall. Goats - What funny animals that have recently stole the lime light all over social media. They certainly are entertaining. Although you mainly see pygmy goats in all those funny videos sporting pyjamas we actually raise boer goats and most recently - boer/keko cross. Boer goats are a South African breed considered by many as the best goats for meat. The recent addition of keko breed to our herd is to ensure better milk production from our mothers as most of our goats have twins or triplets, often the third is deemed a bottle feeder because the mother does not have enough milk to support all the kids. Pigs - We raise heritage breed Berkshire pigs on our farm. We currently have 12 sows and 49 weiner pigs running around. They are huge trouble makers! Pigs are very, very smart which makes them particularily entertaining to raise in a pasture environment. They are certianly 'free range'. We have pork cuts available at both the farm location as well as the Downtown Farmer's Market. Whole animals for purachse thorought the year. Chickens - We raise both laying hens and meat hens at our farm. Our meat hens are the Cornish Giant breed known for their stockier build and large breasts. We butcher them at about 5-8 lbs dressed, they make perfect roasting chickens, beer butt chickens, crock pot chickens and so on. We do not process our own birds as we are obligated to send them to a federally inspected facility. Our birds are frozen right away as we do not use any preservatives or inject any saline. All of our birds are hormone free! Our laying hens are the Brown Leghorn breed so yes, they lay brown eggs! They are free run birds meaning they have a laying house with an open door that allows them to go in and out of the barn at their own discretion. Of course when it's a -40 winter like we had, both us and the girls were trying to stay inside! We offer free run brown eggs year round at our farm and at the downtown farmers market! Turkeys - We raise heritage Nicholas White turkeys on the farm! Like our chickens, they are free run but we only raise them spring-fall. They eat marjorily grass, bugs, and a mix of our own screenings including our high protein wheat/oat mix. Our turkeys are processed at the same facility as our chickens and like so are not injeted with any saline or preservatives. They are frozen immediately after butchering. Our customers have the opportunity to pick up immediately following butchering for a fresh bird, otherwise all birds are purchased frozen. Again, like our chickens - our turkeys are hormone free. We offer turkeys at 2 different times - Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please see our product page for a price list and order forms !
  • Are you Organic?
    We get this question a lot! It's complicated but ultimately the answer is no we are not certified organic. However we use organic methods to grow our food and control pests/fungus etc. We use means suchs as biological control (releasing and fostering good bugs to fight the bad), natural elements (wind and high pressure watering), and organically approved compounds as a multifactor approach to gorwing healthy plants! We consider ourselves all natural. We grow majorily in dirt with a few hyrdroponic systems in our greenhouse. We also boast an outdoor market garden in the summer that we rotate throughout our home quarter, it is spray free and managed by our seasonal staff! Our goal is to grow food that is delicious, safe, and that we and our customers can feel good about!
  • What products do you offer?
    We have a range of pretty awesome products (we're biased) that we offer on our farm! Here is a list: - Greenhouse produce (year round): Butterhead lettuce, mixed mesculun salad blends (we have many!), microgreens, tomatoes (cherry and beefsteak), fresh herbs, romaine, bell peppers (sweet bell and toy), hot peppers (cayenne, habanero, thai chili, asian chili, hungarian hot wax, banana peppers, tobasco peppers), cucumbers (long english and snackers), sunflower shoots, lemon grass, beet greens, and swiss chard. - Garden produce (seasonal): potatoes (sangre, russian all blue, white russet, yukon gold, banana fingerling), beets (yellow and red), carrots (orange, yellow, red, purple), watermelons, honeydew melons, cantaloupe, strawberries, haskaps, raspberries, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, snap peas, shelling peas, garden beans (yellow, green, purple), pumpkins, cucumbers (pickling), onions (white, yellow and red), kohlrabi, bush tomatoes, garlic, and fresh dill! - Free Run Brown Eggs - Free Range Meats : Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Turkeys, and Chickens (Please see questions re: livestock for more!) - Jams and Jellies (we have over 30 flavours! Some seasonal but most year round!) - Advent Calendars (we make these with our jams and jellies - super popular. Offered only at Christmas Time) - Hot sauce (Angry Leprechaun and Really Angry Leprechaun) - Pickles and Relishes (anything from pickled beets, to traditional pickles to watermelon rind pickles) - Freezer meals (the menu changes week to week!) - Soup! (we sell lots of soup in store and at the farmers market, menu changes week to week and all soups use ingredients off of our farm!) We also sell products from these two local vendors: - Flint Farms Honey : Raw unpasteurized honey, creamed and a variety of flavours! - Old School Cheesery: Locally made artisan cheeses with a variety of flavours - KEM Juice: 6 different flavours of fresh cold pressed juices!
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