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The Actons

Erin, Robin, Connor (Millie the dog), John, and Kelsey. Missing Ryan (pictured below). 

And Ryan! 

Who will be a formal member of the family come August 2019 .

Our Story

The family farm has been around for 90+ years. When Robin met John he had recently moved to Canada from Dublin, Ireland and was working as a dairy inspector with big plans and big dreams. Unsure of his long term plans and whether he would continue on to New Zealand; he met Robin, got married, had 3 children and stayed in Canada!

In 2004 the Acton Family had a life altering event that caused John to switch paths and pursue the dream of growing everything on his dinner table. He saw a need to diversify the family grain and cattle farm with the next generation of our family’s farmers and knew it was the perfect opportunity to do so and thus created Lower Shannon Farms - named after his grandfather’s dairy farm in Lower Shannon (Ireland). 

John and Robin started this dream together in September of 2011, and soon after all the kids were on board working summers in between school and now 2 of the three children (and a new son in law!) work full time in the family business! The dream grew from growing for ourselves to growing for our community. Lower Shannon Farms strives to make sure their community has access to fresh, locally grown foods that are safe and free from hazardous chemicals and with a transport time of under 15 minutes! 

Today they boast a 16000 square foot greenhouse that runs 365 days a year. They raise free range cattle, sheep, chickens, laying hens (free run eggs!), goats, and turkeys. They make jams, jellies, pickles and more for all to enjoy!

They are so incredibly proud to employ some of the most incredible and dedicated local farmers and partner with some pretty cool local food businesses that share their vision.

They love their community and they love to feed people!

Know your Farmer.

Know your Food.

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQ page!

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