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Ryan Mattice

Maintenance and Outdoor Operations Manager/ Greenhouse Supervisor

This is Ryan. Ryan is our 'go to guy', 'Mr. Fix it' and an avid onion lover. Trust us...he's made sure we had a great onion crop this year...and he ate his fair share! Although Ryan comes from a farming background, he never thought he would pursue a life of farming. From getting his adaptive physical education diploma to working as a residential and commercial carpenter before a turn of events lead him to Lower Shannon Farms (He is also going to be a full fledged member of the Acton Family in August 2019 so it wasn't that sharp of a 'turn' lol). It was clear after only a few months Ryan was meant to farm and this was his FIRST year being in charge of our 5 acre outdoor garden. If you enjoy your garden veggies from Lower Shannon this year, think of this guy right here!

Favourite Food Item from the Farm: Other than the already mentioned onions, Ryan loves our Smokies - Cheese, jalapeno and regular! He loves them all! 

Tamara Smallboy

Lower Shannon Farmer (Greenhouse)/ Customer Service Specialist

Meet Tamara! Tamara has been part of the Lower Shannon crew for 2 years now! Tamara is one of our part time farmers and a jack of all trades - offering her assistance and expertise in many aspects of our farm from plant health to propogation, product testing & development she is an influencer and a integral part of our team. Outside of work Tamara is an avid yogi (inside work too ... we have caught her doing handstands in the tomato rows before lol), a gardener, a mom, fiance, a motorcyclist and an expert with a hula hoop! Her laugh is infectious and she loves talking about the farm. Catch her at the Downtown Farmers Market every other Tuesday! Favourite Food Item off the Farm: Tamara loves our Pasture Raised Ham and of course our farm fresh tomatoes (although she said making this decision was tough!) :)


Edgar Federis

Hydroponic Tech.

Edgar has been an LSF Farmer for 2 years this summer ! Edgar manages our hydroponic tables that grow our beautiful butterhead and romaine lettuce - Edgar was basically a local hero without a cape when there was that commercial romaine crisis. He was the guy with your emergency all natural and worry free romaine! Always ensuring it’s safe, all natural and grown with 💚. Edgar also plays a key role in our biological pest control on a weekly basis !

Edgar hadn’t any farm experience previous to his days here at Lower Shannon but says he loves this line of work and he’s darn good at it too! We asked Edgar to give us a quote about his experience as a grower and in the world of Ag, he gave us this “ My favourite part of my job is being responsible for my plants from seeding to harvest. I have a deep sense of pride on harvest day, being able to see the fruits of my hard work”.

Outside of the farm, Edgar is a family guy who loves to play basketball 🏀he says he’s been playing the game ever since he was in high school and have previously been a member of community leagues here in #yll.

We asked Edgar what his favourite LSF product would be and he laughed and said “MY ROMAINE OF COURSE !...and I really like the strawberry 🍓 jam too”! So if you’re ever sitting down to a family meal with LSF greens or enjoying a delicious salad at the Timber cafe (yes they use farm fresh greens always 💚), think of this guy right here. He works hard to bring you the good stuff every single day! 


Chris McDougall 

Office Manager

Meet Chris!

Chris is our office manager here at LSF and a farmer in her own right, owning and operating Wander’N Creek Ranch outside Marshall, Sk with her husband and longtime farmer, Tim! Chris just celebrated her first year anniversary with LSF but to be honest it’s hard to think back to times without her! Chris has an infectious personality and always puts a positive spin on everything, she has a firm belief in addressing everything with kindness and keeps a cool head in the ever challenging world of agriculture. When Chris came on board we tasked her with the project of helping our greens based operation go even greener by ridding our farm of single use and non degradable plastic sources and thanks to Chris we can proudly say that we have 90 % achieved that goal 💚♻️ Our locavores and fellow community members may recognize Chris as that friendly English accent greeting them on the phone! Hailing from the UK, Chris has called Canada her home for over 10 years now ❤️. We asked Chris to give us a quote that sums up why she is a farmer and this is what she said “ Farming is food for the soul , the satisfaction of completing a process from start to finish. Not sure that makes sense but to see something grow and harvest or an animal born and thrive means you have done a good job ! ‘Success is not the key to happiness happiness is the key to success ! ‘ I love LSF because it has the feeling of extended family and we all strive to succeed in our own area to make a great team !”

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