“Ass Kicker” Homegrown Herbal Tea Blend

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| A S S  K I C K E R | ——🍋 🌶 🌿—— 

Lemon + Cayenne Peppers + Rosemary + Lemon Balm.


With our first blend on the docket we thought why not start off hot 🔥 introducing our ass kicker blend 💛 this name has a few different connotations. One being it’s named after our fiesty donkeys (asses 🤪) on the farm. They’re not only fiery and feisty they are also the ultimate protectors on our farm. The Ass Kicker tea blend is just that. This blend of our homegrown cayenne peppers, lemon balm, rosemary and lemon is the perfect fusion to ease and help protect yourself in the season where the common cold is among us! Packed with vitamin C and just enough capsaicin to warm you from the inside out and clear sinuses this tea is not only delicious it has your back... this ass kicker is kick ass 💛


Each jar is 212ml = 24 serves 

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