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Farm Fresh Milk from Saskatchewan's only direct farm to consumer, small batch dairy! Sunnyside's milk is pasteurized by the batch method, and is non-homogenized which means the cream rises to the top. Nothing is added to their milk- just pure wholesome farm fresh goodness! 

Now Offering! Farm Fresh milk subscriptions - Whole, Skim and Chocolate Milk options! 2L biweekly or 3.9 L + biweekly! The freshest milk possible from the happiest cows! Pick up your milk on farm the second and last thursday of each month. Healthy, Wholesome Farm to Table Dairy for the Whole Family! 


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About Sunnyside Creamery


Our names are Bas and Martha Froese-Kooijenga. We have lived and farmed here together for twenty-two years, although Martha was born and raised here too. Our Holstein herd started with twelve cows and has grown to thirty. We find this to be a nice, manageable herd size for us. Bas always dreamed of having a dairy farm, and Martha always dreamed of having a store. The location of our farm (beside busy highway #12) has helped to make the store a success.

Martha's parents, Peter and Susan Froese, raised twelve children on this farm. Many people know the location by the ice rink which used to grace the front yard every winter for thirty-five years in a row. They had a dairy, and later a mixed farm, selling eggs, cream, and cottage cheese as a sideline. They were humble, hard working, and hospitable people. We honour their memory through this store, and carrying on the family farm.

The Sunnyside Creamery idea came as a result of many store customers asking for milk and milk products. It is illegal to sell raw milk so we wanted to do the next best thing. It has been open for business since April 2019.

Some thoughts about how we raise our animals:

People often ask us if we are organic, as natural as possible, or if we ethically raise our animals. 

We are plain and simple farmers who enjoy caring for our cows and pigs. In our parent’s day, most farms were organic but there was no term used for it. It just was. We appreciate the lessons from these past farmers who said little, but were very wise and worked very hard. 

Naturally, our pasture grass is organic. The alfalfa grass hay that we buy may or may not be organic. The grain is not organic. If a cow is sick, we will give her antibiotics or other medicine, rather than letting her die - milk or meat from treated animals is kept out of the food chain until withdrawal times have been met.

Each cow has a name and gets one-on-one attention daily (most days with an extra brushing), as well as their own freshly bedded personal stall in the barn for sleeping. They are milked four at a time in the milking parlour, where they get to snack on grain in their personal stall (they remember this stall each time). Treating our animals well and keeping them happy is extremely important to us.