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Quick and Easy Farm to Table Shrimp & Sausage Filled Corn Boil

Is it weird to be blogging about a corn boil in the midst of February? Maybe! But its been so darn nice out inside lately it's starting to make us feel very Spring inspired (knock on wood* dear god please don't let hell now freeze over at -50 because I typed those words) and this recipe is actually made, very simply, indoors. I use my Instant pot (shocker, lol!) In this shrimp boil we use LSF Farm to table GF Smokies (we have regular, cheese filled and sometimes jalapeno and cheese filled) but you can use different sausages as well- I would recommend a thicker sausage like a farmers sausage or other smoked sausages (we have both of those as well) instead of a thinner all beef or breakfast sausage! It also uses corn on the cob and potatoes that you can buy farm fresh when in season and LSF dried bay leaves which are UNREAL and very aromatic and flavourful! Another quick note, I use beer instead of water for my ip liquid just like I do when I roast my chickens and turkeys. I just fine that it makes everything more moist (ooooo... I hate that word, *currently cringing*) and gives it a better flavour. Local beers include varieties from 4th Meridian Brewery, Ribstone Creek, and a little farther up the province I also enjoy Grizzly Paw, Half Hitch Brewing and Alley Kat. I always use a paler ale when cooking as well. But REALISTICALLY, grab yourself one of those listed above, have in the fridge to enjoy yourself and then pick what you consider to be the WORST beer in your fridge and use that (you know the one you save for certain company and then it sits at the back for ions taking up room and making your eye wince when you open the door) cause you don't want to waste a good beer on cooking, in my humble opinion. Alright ! Shut up already and onto the recipe!


Farm to Table All Seasons Corn Boil


- 1 package of LSF Smokies, Smoked Farmers or Smoked Honey Maple Sausage (can be frozen or thawed- see cooking time)

- 1 medium onion, sliced in thin rings

- 1-2 lbs of baby potatoes (I like to mix red and white), halved.

- 3-4 ears of corn cut into thirds

- 1 -2 lbs of decent size shrimp with shell on, frozen.

- 1 tbsp cajun spice

- 1 tsp seasoning salt

- 1 can (or I prefer 1.5 or a king can if you're using an 8qt) of pale ale beer

- 2-3 LSF dried bay leaves

- 2 tsp LSF Angry Leprechaun hot sauce (optional)

- 1/4 cup or stick of butter, divided

- LSF dried parsley

- 2 -3 tsp minced garlic


*Please note if you are using anything less than an 8 qt pot, go with the lower range on ingredient suggestions (i.e. 1 lbs potatoes instead of 2lbs) *

1.) Half your potatoes and toss them into the pot.

2.) Slice onion into thin rings (if you like things less 'oniony', use half an onion) and toss on top of potatoes.

3.) Slice smokies or sausage into 1 inch pieces and place in instant pot.

3.) Add half cajun spice at this time as well as the hot sauce (optional) and garlic, mix ingredients in the instant pot.

4.) Add Shrimp, then corn, to instant pot.

5.) Pour beer in pot.

6.) Slice up butter into small chunks and disperse amongst the top of the corn, add remaining cajun spice and seasoning salt.

7.) Top with Bay leaves.

8.) Place lid on instant pot (make sure seal ring is in lid) and lock. Set instant pot to 3 minutes (if ingredients like shrimp and smokies/smoked sausage were thawed or even partially thawed. Do 5 minutes if all were completely frozen).

9.) When the instant pot is done cooking, let natural pressure release for 1-2 minutes and then let the pressure out.

10.) Once pressure is released, remove lid and take off the bay leaves. Plate up and enjoy! This recipe goes great with a nice caesar salad and corn bread!



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