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The 'Farmacy' a Lower Shannon Farm-to-Table version of the popular Starbucks 'Medicine Ball' drink

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Need something to help soothe your cold symptoms or help fight whats to come? You may have heard of the ever popular "Medicine Ball" drink on your local starbucks 'secret menu'. We kept hearing about it too and as new herbal tea growers we thought we would take a stab at our own version of the ever popular cold buster! Check out our recipe below. The 'Farmacy' is an easy to make drink at home that uses LSF lemon basil simple syrup, local honey, and our Grown + Gathered best selling 'Ass Kicker' herbal tea (lemon, cayenne, rosemary, lemon balm). It's packed with vitamin C and the homegrown cayenne in the tea helps to leave a tingle after each taste that will aid in clearing your sinuses And making you feel refreshed and on the mend !

The Farmacy

What you'll need

Grown + Gathered 'Ass Kicker' Herbal Tea

Lower Shannon Farms Lemon Basil Simple Syrup

Hot Water

Local Raw Honey

What to do

First, boil a kettle of water for your tea. Then, add 2-3 tbsp of G+G Ass Kicker tea into a tea bag or steeper. Wait 5 minutes to steep. Add 2-3 tsp LSF lemon basil simple syrup and 1 tsp of local raw honey. Stir and remove tea bag or steeper. Enjoy!

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Tip: Leave tea bag in longer if you'd like a stronger tea flavour. This tea contains cayenne so it will leave a longer lasting tingle.

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