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The Brighter Cider Life !


Delicious, smooth and all natural juice you can feel good about!

The taste of this juice is indescribable! It tastes fresh and smooth just as if you were taking a bite off an apple that had just come off the tree!

So... Here's the story of this apple juice!

Our family friends purchased an orchard outside Kelowna, BC just over a year ago and this is their first year of apple and peach production under their ownership! Since purchasing the orchard they have learned a lot in regards to fruit farming in BC, particularly apples! Did you know that as a farmer when you send your apples to market they are graded based on everything from the 'perfect size', colour, age, variety etc. (hence why we never see anything but perfection on the shelves at the market)? Once graded farmers are only paid for their 'perfect' apples and the rest are DISCARDED (what?!?), the farmer does not get paid for them and they do not get them back...what...the...heck. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with these apples except they may not be a 'dark enough red' or ' 0.5 of an inch too big or too small'. What a waste of beautiful produce are we right or are we right? SO to address this farmers started pre-grading their apples themselves, keeping back what they predicted the market would deem 'undesirable' and selling them farm gate or juicing them! In the case of Hawk's View Orchards they have them juiced into deliciously pure 100% apple juice with no additives or added sugar and they contract a mobile juicing truck to help them with just that! 

We had the privilege last Christmas of receiving a box of juice from them and absolutely fell in love! It is so smooth with indescribable taste... and it makes THE BEST cider! Because we loved it so much we wanted to share it with everyone and support small farmers (and our friends) just like us in the BC fruit industry! On Thursday, Nov 22, our friends generously trucked out some of their freshly done juice for us to share with you and it's ready for pick up right now! 

Here are some details: 

Price per case (5L): $17.50

Shelf Life: up to 1 year unopened, 2 months once opened (unrefrigerated), 3- 4 months once opened (refrigerated)

Where it can be found: Our Farm Monday - Saturday (store hours apply) and the Downtown Farmers Market Tuesdays (11-5) and Saturdays (10-4)! 

This apple juice is perfect for the following:

1.) Drinking on its own... of course!

2.) Hot cider for the holidays !

3.) Making homemade apple jelly!

4.) Reduce the juice over heat to make amazing glazes for chicken, meat balls, pancakes etc.

5.) Use as a mix for festive appley mixed drinks!

6.) Christmas presents for those hard to buy for (as its the perfect square shape to wrap and is stable unopened for a year!)

7.) Great last minute pot luck bring (for non alcoholic and to mix for alcoholic drinks!)

8.) Use in apple muffins, cakes or breads!

But lets be honest... you will wanna drink this straight up everyday. It's that good!

Want to sample? Come see us at market or in the store anytime!

Happy Eating Locavores! 

Ps. Stay tuned for our holiday drinks inspo blog coming soon!

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