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Welcome to our Farm - on the world wide web!

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

It's been a few years but these little farmers have finally went online!

Know your Farmer - Know your Food!

We've worked hard to connect our local community to where their food comes from - it's all about knowing your farmer! Naturally, we love talking to our customers! Seeing them at the farmers market and on our farm brightens our day. We recognize that there isn't always time to sit and chats for hours and it would be handy to have a place to connect any time anywhere so consequently we built this website! Too cool!

**We hope you enjoy our content and find it helpful! We will be constantly updating this page to let you know whats going on and to better serve all of you! If you have any feedback for us, please let us know @ :)

What are our plans for this site?

We have a few goals for this page already outlined but as we learn more about building our little online home we wouldn't doubt we will keep adding to the list. Here's what our plans are so far:

- Launch an online store for our jams/jellies and other preserves!

- Offer a local pick up for 'grocery shopping ahead'. Pick up locations tentatively the Downtown Farmer's Market Lloydminster and our on site Farm Store.

- Blog entries (like this one!) from many of our farmers!

- An FAQ section to answer all of our most commonly asked questions anytime, anywhere!

- The ability to subscribe to our Farm Fresh Food Bag Subscriptions online (and possibly our add on program!)

- The ability to subscribe to our e- newsletter! Know about everything happening on the farm first including things like kidding (yay baby goats!), sales, events and more!

- A Gallery : a place to look at all our cool pics!

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to this next step!


Happy Eating,

The Freckled Farmer.

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